What is your email address with ANS?

Simple: your_login_name@ans.com.au

For example, if your login name is cindy, your email address will be cindy@ans.com.au

What does my email address mean?

It means you (Cindy in this example) at ANS, a commercial organisation in Australia.

Can I change it or use another one?

Yes, we can arrange another email address for you. Just email us which email address do you want to use. If it is available, we will arrange it for you. We can also arrange the new and old email addresses to work concurrently for some time. So you will not loss email because of the change.

Can I have more than one email address?

Yes, we can give you additional email addresses. Just email us which additional email addresses do you want. If it is available, we will arrange it for you.

Can I use my existing email address with my company or another ISP?

Yes, just set the incoming email server as per that company's specification. Remember, when you are connected to us, your outgoing email server must be set to use ours, ie. mail.ans.com.au