What are the limits with the monthly dial up plan?

There are 3 simple limits to regular the use of the service.


  • One at a time.
    You can connect only from one computer at a time. So if you have a computer at home and one at work, you may subscribe to one account and connect to us at different times,

  • 4 hours each time.
    Every time when you are connected, the maximum duration is 4 hours. After 4 hours, we will disconnect you. However, if you still need the internet, feel free to connect again, even immediately. This limit is necessary to share the resource fairly amount our users. If you need a permanent connection, you may consider to use our adsl broadband connections.

  • 20 minutes idle time out.
    If there is no communication for 15 minutes or longer, we will disconnect you. So if you go out for dinner but forget to shutdown the internet, we can do it for you. This helps to allocate the resource to other users who really need it.