Why was your internet session disconnected?

These are some possible reasons. Please see if you can find one that matches your situation. If there is no clue at all, send us an email and give us your situation details. We will do our best to help.
  • You have been idle for 15 minutes or more. By idle, we mean that you did not retrieve anything from or send anything to the Internet. When you are replying emails, you internet connection is most likely idle. Of course, you do not need to be connected to reply your emails.

  • You have been connected continuously for 4 hours or more. For the flat rate accounts, this is the maximum session limit. You are welcome to connect immediately again. This policy helps us to share the modems fairly among our users. If you need permanent connection, please talk to us.

  • Your telephone has a "call waiting" feature. Every time when someone calls you while you are using the Internet, your connection drops. Disable "call waiting" before you dial in, or call Telstra to disable it totally.

  • Bad telephone line. If you hear noises and/or cracking sounds during normal telephone calls, your phone line is no good. You can call your phone company to check and fix the problem. Normally this should be a free service.

  • Incompatible or bad modem. Some modems are not compatible with the new digital technology. The solution is to limit the connection speed. You may check your modem manual for instruction to do this. On the other hand, some modems just fail to maintain a reliable connection. Try change your modem and see the effect. We have helped quite some customers by doing this.

  • You have other telephone devices connected to the same line. If you are sharing the same telephone line with other devices, be careful. Some telephone devices, like normal handsets and answering machines, are known to cause problems with your Internet sessions. Disconnect all other devices before you dial in. If you can then maintain a connection for 30 minutes or longer, you know what has happened.

  • Change the flow control for your modem from hardware to software. Some users have solved the problem by implementing this change. If you are using Windows 95/98, start the control panel, double click "Modems", open the properties of the modem that you use, select "Connection" page, click "Advanced", check "Use flow control" on the top right corner, select "Software (XON/XOFF)"

Tell us if your problem persists. We shall try our best to help you solve all your problems.