Setup Window 95/98 To Connect to ANS

Step 1 - Setup Your Modem
There are internal and external modems. If yours is an external one, make sure it is connected to your computer and is switched on. Windows 95/98 may have already been configured for your modem in which case jump to STEP 2.
  1. Click on Start, Select Settings, Control Panel.
  2. Double click on Modems.
  3. If this is the first time you install a modem, the Install New Modem Wizard will automatically run. Otherwise, double click on the Add button.
  4. Click on Next. Windows 95/98 will try its best to find your modem. This process will take a few seconds to a minute to complete. Refer to FIG 1.1.

FIG 1.1

  1. If the modem shown is not your modem then click on Change, choose your modem manufacturer from the Manufacturers list and the model from the Models list and then click on OK. Refer to FIG 1.2. If your modem is not listed then contact your modem manufacturer.

FIG 1.2

  1. Depending on whether you have given your location information to Windows 95/98 before, the Location Information window may appear. Follow the on-screen instructions and then click on Next.
  2. Click on Next and then click on Finish.
  3. Click on OK.
Click here to STEP 2