ADSL Broadband Connections

Available in all major cities and most towns.

Features of our ADSL service:           *click here to join online or download our PDF here.

  • Entry plans start from $29.90 with extra data fees capped to $30.
  • Other plans start from $39.90 with NO extra fees at all.
  • You can connect 24 x 7.      __complete peace of mind__
  • You can use your existing phone line when you are on the net.
    No need to pay extra phone lines. And no need to pay call charges for Internet connections.
  • Fast connections.
    You have 3 speeds to choose: 256k / 512k / 1.5m
  • No lengthy commitment.
    You can terminate at any time with a 14 days notice. However a termination fee of $99 applies when it is done within 6 months.
  • Set up cost is $129. You will also need a ADSL modem. You may buy it yourself. Or you can buy it from us.
  • Monthly cost varies according to speed and service plan.

    Plan Name Price Per Month Download Allowance(MB) Traffic Shaped after (GB)
    256/64 kbps
    256 Entry* $29.90 200 2
    256 Value $39.90 Unlimited 2
    256 Smart $49.90 Unlimited 5
    512/128 kbps
    512 Entry* $39.90 200 2
    512 Value $49.90 Unlimited 5
    512 Smart $59.90 Unlimited 15
    1500/256 kbps
    1500 Value $89.90 Unlimited 10
    1500 Smart $109.90 Unlimited 25
    512/512 kbps
    512512 Smart $109.90 Unlimited 25

*Only for the Entry Plans, after downloading 200MB in the month, there is an extra data fee of 5c/MB capped to $30.00.

For all ADSL customers, we also give you an email address and a 10MB personal web site. You can change speed whenever you like at a cost. The speeds shown are the download speeds. Download speed is the speed that affects you most. The upload speeds are 64k / 128k / 256k correspondingly. For 512k/512k plans, the upload speed equals the download speed and are 512k.

For a further peace of mind, if your adsl connection does not work, whether it is the line, the modem or whatever, you can use our nationwide dial up network to connect to the internet until the adsl is working again.