Useful Software
Here you can find some of the popular software for your Internet connection. Some of these are totally free while others may be a shareware, ie. you may need to pay if you find them useful.
If you have any suggestion, Share it with us.

Netscape Netscape Communicator 4.77 complete for (Win95/98/NT/2000)
Netscape Communicator 7.1 complete for (Win95/98/NT/2000)
Netscape Communicator 4.7 complete for (Mac)
MSIE MS Internet Explorer 4.01 (Win3.x)
FTP WS FTP 4.6.1 (Win95/98/NT)
WS FTP 6.6 (Win95/98/NT/2000)
WS FTP LE 5.08 (Win95/98/NT/2000)
WS FTP 4.5 (Win3.x)
WS FTP LE 5.06 (Win3.x)
Cute FTP 2.65 (Win95/98/NT)
Cute FTP 2.0 (Win3.x)
eMail The Bat 1.14 (Win95/98/NT)
Eudora 3.06 (Win95/98/NT)
Eudora Pro 4.1 (Win95/98/NT)
Eudora 5.0 (Win95/98/NT/2k)
Eudora 5.02 (Win95/98/NT/2k)
Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify v3.78 (Win95/98)
Others Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05 (Win95/98/NT)
Win Zip 8.0 (Win95/98/NT)
About Time (Win95/98/NT/2k)