Dial Up & Broadband Internet
Friendly and reliable services. Serve you everywhere in Australia*.
(*Our dial up network covers 98.5% of the population.)
(*Our ADSL network serves all major cities and most towns.)
Dial Up Connections ....
  $5 a month for the first 10 hours, or
$22 a month flat.
no set-up fee,
you can change plans at any time,
and you can dial in from almost
everywhere in Australia.
*click here for details.
ADSL Broadband Connections ....
  Fast connection speeds of 256k, 512k or 1.5m.
Except entry plans, there is no data charge and no time charge.
Rates start from $29.90 a month
No long term contracts.
Services in all major cities and most towns.
Includes email, personal web site
and free nationwide standby dial up service.
*click here for details.
Domain & Web Pages Hostings ....
  $60 a year (ie. $5 a month)
    for emails only hosting, or
$25 a month
    for emails and web pages hosting.
    (*$22 for dial up or adsl customers.)
Fast & reliable connection to the back bone.
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Domain Names Registrations & Renewals....
  $76 for 2 years for .com and .net names.
$76 for 2 years for and names.
$99 for 2 years for and names.
Why pay more for the same service?
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