Internet Telephone

This is the telephone service using your broadband connection.

It will be the most exciting product in the coming months. To make sure you can get the best from us, we are testing the service with a large number of customers at the moment.

The features include 10c untimed local calls and STD calls. Yes, 10c untimed STD calls. And unbelieveable IDD rates, like 2.9c per minute to most western countries, with no flag fall, and absolutely no hidden charge. Some companies may just tell you how many local calls you have made and you have to pay with blind trust. We will tell you when and who you have called and for how long, for every call. You can check these on-line, any time.

This is peace of mind.

Very soon, you will find the details here and you can start saving with us.

If you have any query, feel free to contact us at any time.