Emigrants from Scotland

This index was transcribed by by list member Pauline McGregor Currien from the "Emigrants from Glasgow and the West of Scotland" which is a series of booklets available from the Scottish Genealogy Society, 15, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh. Their email address is scotgensoc@sol.co.uk and web page http://www.sol.co..uk/s/scotgensoc/ She extracted those names where she could see a possible Indian connection. Unfortunately she has them no more. So she cannot do lookups.Return to genealogy
ARTHUR Helen Walker eldest daughter of Allam Arthur in Glasgow married George JACKSON of Gordon Woodruffe and Co in Madras on 16.10.1876 (ref : Witness series #6720)
ARTHUR Thomas late of Glasgow died in Lisbon 1812. Edinburgh Advertiser #5025
BARCLAY Thomas Tickell born 1821 brother of Sir Robert Barclay of Pierston, Ayrshire died at sea on the "collingwood" on the voyage home from India 11.12.1847 . Edinburgh Evening Courant #21655
BUNTINE James born in Kilmarnock 1798 died in Sultangunge, Bengal 6.6.1833 . Gravestone.
CAMPBELL Charles Glasgow HEICS Surgeon died in Sumatra 19.1.1808 from Edinburgh Evening Courant 3.9.1808
CAMPBELL John born in Paisley 3.5.1763 , 32 years a merchant in Calcutta died 8.8.1822 ( North park gravestone Calcutta)
CHARLES Thomas M.D. eldest son of Dr Charles in Ayr, died in Calcutta during 1817 (Scotsman 1.15)
CONNELL Arthur Surgeon HEICS, son of Rev James Connell in Sorn Ayrshire, died in Hydrabad during Dec 1819 Scotsman 4.174
CRAWFORD David Russell possibly from Port Glasgow, in Contai, East Indies, 1853. National Archives of Scotland Edinburgh S/H
CRAWFORD James born in Kilmarnock 1811 Indigo Planter died 7.9.1831 Jumaulpore gravestone bengal.
DALZIEL John son of John Dalziel, a writer in kilmarnock, a Major in HEICS by 1843 National Archives of scotland S/H
DRMMOND george , Crieff then Kilmarnock HEICS, died on St Helena 6.5.1830
EWING John Miller born Glasgow 1811 died at Russadpore Factory Mymensins Bengal on 7.12 1838. Jumaulpore gravestone.
GALBRAITH Peter born Greenock 1745 died 9.5.1815 (South park cemetery Calcutta)
GIBSON William , Indigo Planter, son of Peter Gibson a writer in Ayr, died at Amdangah Factory, Jessore, India, in 1817 Scotsman 1.41
GILKISON William Galt born Glasgow 1808 an Indigo planter died 25.8.1831 Jumaulpore gravestone.
GILLIES William born in 1782, son of George Gillies Rector of Hamilton Grammar school, surgeon to East Indiaman, died in Canton, China during 1804. Aberdeen Journal #2651
GUTHRIE John possibly from kilmarnock, Ensign of the east India Co in Bengal 1774 . Scottish Record Office S/H
HALDEN John born 1830, eldest son of John halden in Camphill, Paisley, died on the "Strabane of Glasgow" at Bombay 31.7.1848 . Scottish Guardian #1239
HAMILTON Mr Alexander, late in East India, a merchant, admitted as a burgess and Guildsbrother of Glasgow 30 3 1724. Glasgow Guildsbrethren.
HENDERSON William R. eldest son of George henderson, of Banks House, Largs, died on Kerrenitte Tenne Estate Ceylon 23.2.145. Witness series #566
HERON Gilbert born 1851 2nd son of Gilbert heron , a merchant in Glasgow, died in Chandaghar, cachar, India, 18.3.1876 (Aberdeen Journal #6691
LOCKHART Richard Dickson born Glasgow 31.7.1807 son of Rev John Lockhart and Elizabeth GIBSON, Ensign of the 68th Bengal Native Infantry. Drowned at Sandoway, Arakan 27.12.1826 (Bengal Army, Hodson)
LOCKHART William born in Cambusnethan 28.9.1787 , Son of Rev John Lockhart and Elizabeth DINWIDDIE, Brevet Captain of the 17th bengal Native Infantry died in Milton Lockhart 25.11.1856. ( Bengal Army Hodson 3.72)
LOGAN William Hope born in Ayr indigo planter died 25.8.1831 Jumaulpore gravestone.
LUMSDEN Christian or FRASER or MACDOWELL daughter of John Lumsden a pocket book maker of Glasgow, settled in Calcutta before 1841. National Archives of Scotland S/H
MACADAM James born in Maybole 20.4.1809 son of John Macadam and Janet BLANE Lieut Col 33rd Native Infantry . Died in England 13.3.1888 (Bengal Army Hodson 3.104)
MACRAE James Late Governor of Madras admitted as a Burgess and Guildsbrother of Glasgow24.7.1733
McLEAN Lachlan a former HEICS Captain 1781 National Archives of Scotland R/S Glasgow
MILLER Patrick born 1819 youngest son of Mr A miller of Monkcastle, died 18.8.1836 (Scotch Burial Ground Calcutta)
MUIR Archibald son of Dr John Muir Minister of St James Glasgow, died in Jessore India, 10.4.1850 . Witness series ~1120
PARKER william born in Kilmarnock 11.1.1804 son of William Parker and Agnes
PATERSON < Lieut of bengal Army died in Cawnpore, 10.4.1831 (bengal Army Hodson 3.459)
RAMSAY Thomas Kennedy born in Kirkmichael , Ayrshire 7.1.1788 son of Rev John Ramsay and Margaret McFADZEAN , Lieut of the 11th Native Bengal Infantry Died at Komona 30.10.1807 (Bengal Army Hodson 3.606)
REDDIE George Burd born in Glasgow 21.4.1809 son of James Reddie and Charlotte Marion CAMPBELL, Major Gen of 29th Bengal Native Infantry . Died in Bath 17.3.1880 Bengal Army Hodson 3.621)
REID David born in Greenock 28.8.1813 son of James Reid and helena ... Major Gen of Bengal Army died 29.2.1876 (Bengal Army Hodson 3.626)
RONALD Basil born Glasgow 1793 Lieut of madras Army late a merchant of the firm Tulloh & co died 21.7.1822 North Park cem Calcutta.
RONALD William born Glasgow 1784 died 23.6.1821 North pk cem calcutta.
ROSS William born 1845 son of Hugh Ross , 150 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow, late of Islay, MA Professor of Mathematics at the Free Church Institute , died in Madras 23.11.1876. Aberdeen Journal #6729
SCOTT Hercules, Glasgow, died in Calcutta 1817 . Scotsman 1.15
SCOTT John, HEICS, son of John Scott, a leather merchant in Glasgow then in Kilmarnock 1855. National Archives of Scotland S/H
SHERRIFF John son of Rev William Sherriff of Glasgow, died in Dum Dum , Calcutta 10.10.1838
SIM John Keith jr born 1854 son of John K Sim and jessie Edmonston in Glasgow, an insurance agent, drowned in the Bay of Bengal 1887. National
SMELLIE Capt Robert ewing born in Greenock 1804 died 1841 husband of Catherine, father of Juliet elizabeth . St Stephens gravestone Dum Dum.
SMITH Adam Freer born in Galston , Ayrshire 1.6.1791 son of rev George Smith and Marion FREER a merchant in Calcutta (Fasti ecclesiae 3.40)
SYM George born 1811 sixth son of James Sym of Glasgow died 10.12.1833 in Goruckpore .. gravestone.
THOMSON Alexander Berwick born 1823 of Springfield, late of Paisley, died in Calcutta 3.10.1846. Edinburgh Evening Courant #21433
THOMSON Ralph Wardlaw, Bellary, East Indies, son of Janet Crawford WARDLAW or Thomson, there once in Garthamlock, Glasgow. Scottish Records Office S/H 1854
THOMSON Thomas Physician in Calcutta son of Dr Thomas Thomson , Professor of Chemistry in Glasgow. Scottish record Office S/H 1859
WHITEFOORD George Lieut HEICS Cawnpore son of Sir John Whitefoord of Whitefoord, Ayrshire1788 ( The Laing Charters 3272)
WILSON Mrs jean born 1770 daughter of John HUNTER in Kilmarnock died 29.4.1800 South park cem Calcutta,