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The description and photographs of Kamptee were kindly provided by Mr Vilas Shende, Mrs Namita, Ms Aradhana, and Ms Lalita of the Church of Northern India Social Service Institute in Nagpur

The town
Kamptee or Kampthi as it is now known was founded in 1821 when the British established a military cantonment on the banks of the Kanhan River just below the confluence with the Pench and Kolar rivers. The town quickly became an important centre for trade, however with the arrival of the railway in the late 19th century this importance dwindled as trade was diverted to the nearby city of Nagpur, the local native capital.
Today Kamptee is an outer suburb of Nagpur just 17 kms NE from the city centre, it has an area of 40,706 hectares and a population, according to the 1991 census of 73,701. The town has three cinemas, two thriving markets, Gujari market and Sindhi market both over 100 years old. There are two long bridges over the Kanhan river .One is a typical railway bridge of steel girder construction with tall concrete piers, the other, much older, is a road viaduct with 12 masonry semi-elliptical arches supported on tall substantial masonry piers.

The main religions are well represented with the NCI's Christ Church founded in 1833. There is a Roman Catholic establishment of the Order of St. Francis de Sales, with a church and convent, several mosques, the Badi Masjid mosque being 130 years old and the Kosatel Mosque being 100 years old. The Buddists have the Dragon Palace Temple, symbol of world peace, built in 1999.

There are 94 Angawadi or pre-primary schools, 80 Government aided primary schools but only one Government funded high school. There are two tertiary colleges in Kamptee, the Seth Kesrimal Porwal College, established in 1965 with faculties of Science, Commerce and the Arts and the Smt Kishoritai Bhoyar College of Pharmacy.

Industry. Kamptee is a developing industrial centre. Khanderwal Ferro Alloys Industry is a major steel producer employing many workers. There are many bidi (a kind of cigarette) factories. Nearby are the Kanhan Coal Mines exploiting natural mineral resources.

Military. The 'raison d'etre' for Kamptee , the military cantonment, is still operational. Nowadays the Kamptee Cantonment is an important officer training establishment. It is also the home of the oldest and most senior regiment in the Indian Army the Brigade of Guards together with the Institute of Military Law and a well equiped military hospital to care for the health of the warriors.

The Future. Kamptee is developing into a cosmopolitan town, slowly shedding it's rural background and becoming very much a part of metro Nagpur.

Christ Church
Christ Church

Rail Bridge

Road Bridge

Porwal College


Gujari Market

Badi Masjid Mosque

Kosatal Mosque

Hasan Ki Badi

Bhuddist Temple

Gujari Market

Bhuddist Temple