If you are serious about wanting to win playing roulette then you need my systems!

Roulette Systems
Take a look at the reports for yourself, below - "I play the Crazy 8 numbers that you suggest playing roulette and I usually end up with all my color of chips in front of me ..."

Roulette, roulette, roulette. Play a roulette system today.


Roulette from the Dealer!


The casino's have been ripping money from gamblers for way too long. I hate continually seeing people lose and I am going to change that and help you WIN.

In my experience as a Roulette Dealer I have seen many systems. Some good, some not so good.

When you play using roulette systems....It has been PROVEN that you have a much better chance of winning.

I have developed these roulette systems from seeing how the professionals win and what I learnt from being the Roulette Dealer.

Here are 4 of my best roulette systems to cover different types of betting on Roulette. If you are not having much luck on the numbers then try betting on the dozens. You will often see where 1 system is working better than another so why not take advantage of that.

Are you winning at Roulette more times than you're losing?


Every Casino game has a house advantage and Roulette is no different. Pick up some great casino bonuses before you place your bets.

There are 2 different types of Roulette wheels:

1. The American Roulette Wheel
This wheel has 38 partitions that are numbered from the 00, 0 to 36. With having 2 zero's the house has an advantage of 5.26%. This means that for every $10 bet the house is assured of making 52 cents profit. It doesn't sound much, but it certainly adds up.

2. The European Roulette Wheel
This wheel has 37 partitions that are numbered from the 0 to 36. With having only 1 zero the house has an advantage of 2.70%. This means that for every $10 bet the house is assured of making 27 cents profit. This is the best wheel to play as the house advantage is much less and that makes it easier for you to win.

"You CAN win with a Roulette System!"

Unless you are the luckiest person in the world, there is only 1 way to win regularly at Roulette and that is with a system. I am offering you 4 of my best systems that you can be armed with next time you visit the casino.

These systems have been put together over a period of years of Playing and Dealing and I have found that these give you the best chance of winning using all of the short winning runs.

There are good reasons why roulette is one of the most popular games in casinos at this site. The simplicity, level of excitement and chances to double your money or better are hard to beat.

Some players want to keep it simple - black or red, even or odd, you can click here and spin the wheel. But many want it to be more challenging and look for strategies to use.

"Learn How to Win, It's easy."

And my NEW SYSTEM for playing
the numbers Straight-Up.
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In any type of gambling there is WIN results and LOSE results.....these can come in runs of 1or 2 wins in a row, 4 or 5 wins in a row and less commonly 10 or 11 wins in a row and even more rare (but not impossible by any means) 20 or 21 wins in a row. And of course losses can happen the same way and do. That is where a good strategy is the key, to take advantage of any winning run and minimise the losses in the losing runs.

The Secret to winning at roulette is to use the small runs to your advantage. THERE ARE LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM (if you don't believe me, just go and record a few hundred or thousand game results for any game and let them speak for themself). It is the big runs that are scarce, but have you noticed most of the time when a big run is around it is a losing run and your on it, and that can be very expensive. Well not any more now you can know when the right time is not to ride those big losses and just count the money as you win.

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Don't you think it makes sense to use your knowledge of what exists in a game to your advantage?
And one thing that definately exists in any game is LOTS of small winning runs

As a Dealer I am astounded how gamblers continue to put their money on a roulette table and they never stop and think that there must be a way that they can improve their odds. Yet they never look for it. They are just quite happy to continue to lose.

Whether you are playing roulette online or at a casino or at a Las Vegas casino, the only way to have a chance of winning at Roulette on a regular basis is with a betting system, a money management plan and a strategy to help you stay in control. Without all three of these the unwary gambler is just waiting for the house advantage to take its hold.

Most people that gamble, do it to win, but most people that gamble have no strategy or real money management. They usually turn up to the Casino with a wallet full of money and go about their gambling in the hope that luck will fall their way. Most of the time they end up leaving broke, again.

Some people tell you that its too hard to learn a strategy or they say "I can't concentrate" (maybe that is part of the reason as well that they lose their money) I have heard all the stories being on the other side of the table, but people never learn. (Well they do, its just some have to be hit with a brick first)

Here they are!

The Dealers Choice.

This is my preferred roulette system as you have the best possible odds in Roulette. It involves betting on the even money chances.

These are, Low 1-18, Even, Black, Red, Odd and High 19-36.

Roulette Systems

By following a simple betting plan you will make the most of the winning runs and lose as little as possible on the losing runs.

This system gives by far the best results. Don't attract too much attention to yourself as Casino's don't like to lose money.

Lucky Dozens.Roulette Dozens

Those being either 1 to12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36

This roulette system is for betting on the Dozens. When you bet on the dozens a win pays you 2 to1 odds. With this system you have a certain amount to bet on the Dozens depending on the previous result. With this roulette system you only need to win 1 spin in 6 to make a profit. Its a very easy system to learn and can show you some really good results.

5 Streets.Roulette To Win

There are 12 streets on a Roulette table 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18 and so on........right up to 34-36.

With this roulette system you make your bets according to our guidelines. This can be a very exciting system as it covers 15 numbers on the table and you can quite often get a big run of wins with it. 3 wins in a row and you have made an excellent profit.

Crazy Eight Bet.Crazy Eight Bet

Playing the numbers is the hardest way to win at roulette.

For all of you people that love to play the numbers. With this roulette system you will place a total of 8 chips on various of the inside numbers. Not just any numbers, these numbers have been selected because of their special position on the wheel. Once you get a win you will increase your bet ready for the next win.

You will also receive!

All of these roulette systems come with a betting strategy and money management to show how much to bet after each result.

I also outline for you a method that you should adopt when ever you play any gambling game. Some of the important points that are covered are:
The Importance of Routines
Money Management
Things you should NEVER do
Building a Bankroll Pool

And YOU also get my NEW System FREE

My new system is for playing the numbers, straight-up.
You will be stunned out how good this system is.
I am even considering putting the price up.


You can have all of these Roulette systems, for US$79.


Free tips from the Dealer!
These tips are basic guidelines that all gamblers should be using if they want to improve their chances of coming out a winner. Most gamblers work off luck and hope that they are going to win. They don't consider that there ARE ways that will help them to improve their odds of winning.

My Favourite Place to Play!

Be a smart gambler NEVER increase your bet when your losing, only increase when your winning.
Set your bankroll limit, a session time to play, then take a break.
NEVER drink in excess (a big mistake by many gamblers).
Make sure you have regular meals and coffee or tea breaks to keep the body and mind in tip top shape.
NEVER play at a table that has bad energy or has bad feelings around it. Stay positive!
Don't bet on hunches or intuition, only bet on what your system says.
Never chase a win by doubling up in the hope that the next game will yield you a win.

Its Here!!!......You want a ROULETTE PROGRAM that you have a choice of playing the American Roulette Wheel or the European Roulette Wheel. Download it NOW!

ALL these Systems ONLY $79 US and you also get the
Roulette System Checkerę FREE.

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My Favourite Place to Play!

What the users Say!

Crazy Eights win again..."Just wanted to let you know that I have been playing your system at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana (USA) and have been quite successful with it. I play the Crazy 8 numbers that you suggest and I usually end up with all my color of chips in front of me and they have to start paying me in $5 or $25 chips. I had previously purchased J.S's "R S R" book and the first time I used that system I lost $400. If you need any recommendation for anyone that is contemplating buying your system just have them email me and I will substantiate the validity of your system. Needless to say the "R S R" have in my opinion yet to be revealed. I will now only use your system when playing Roulette. Please keep me informed of any new developments you have in the works. Once again, thank you and keep developing systems that let us "take back our money from the casinos." Best regards. - Mike W."

You're my dealers choice ... "I have to admit I was very sceptical, but I thought well maybe I will see how good it really was. It is such a simple system and in only 6 hours I made $1090.00 profit. I had 4 sessions and followed your suggestions to a tee, I paniced a bit on the third session as I was starting to really dent my bankroll, it was hard not to change from your suggestions but I persevered and it came back. I really think you have not charged enough money for your effort and the information you have supplied. Thanks for helping me to stop losing. - Tony M."

Lucky Dozens is my game! "My wife hates me going to the casino because I very rarely come home winning. I have been 4 times in the past 2 weeks and each time I have come home with money in my pocket. THANKS ALOT!!"Roulette, roulette, roulette. Play a roulette system today.

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